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All India Anti Crime Bureau, Welcome you against the fight of crime & corruption in India. Illegal activities and crime are blights and blots of society, and there’s an extreme necessity to eliminate them. Crimes of any nature are activities against the constitution and penal laws. Which also include corruption, are the biggest evils of society. Eradication of crime may sound as an arduous and or an elusive and unachievable task for many. But, it’s been seen over the years, substantiated with cognisance of civil and human rights, proactive and fortified people’s movements have always been successful in combating the evils. Undeniably and obviously, the law enforcing authorities play a monumental role. With their help and our co-operation with them, it can be made possible.

All India Anti Crime Bureau is a name of Crime and Corruption executioner group, working across India with help of good officials and ground-breaking lawful group. It is a Non Government Organization (NGO) that works autonomously and assuming a huge function in the Services of our Country and to make our Society wrongdoing free and safe. We have make pressing stride and Investigation for Crime and Corruption and assuming an incredible function in Curtailing Corruption in various government divisions. Presently a days, our AIACB is setting up its name by making commitment in uncovering out inconsistencies in different government offices and by making mindfulness among the individuals, about their Right. We help neighborhood, National and even International Law implementation Officials in their steady exertion to reduce the exercises of Crime Syndicates, rackets, Organized packs, sneaks and law breaking as a rule.

The mission of “All India Anti Crime Bureau” is to construct a multidisciplinary network occupied with the investigation and practice of common freedoms and equity that advances the financial and political liberation of every single individual both locally and all around the world and further to guarantee that Justice is conveyed to anyone and everyone in its correct soul and inside satisfactory time. It is a remarkable of its sort basic liberties community in the nation that is genuinely interdisciplinary. Legal advisors, law-understudies work one next to the other with researchers and specialists across disciplines, including humanities, social science, government, public approach, the expressive arts and in any every such field any place humankind gets an opportunity of losing its respect. The Center’s witticism is “Accomplices for Change at the Intersection of Academics and Advocacy,” speaking to its central goal and remarkable situation as a scholarly focus that works across disciplines, yet in addition teams up with the networks outside the institute to influence inventive, suffering change in the lives of every single affected individual, gathering, projected, statement of faith, religion or some other gathering of any nature at all.


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It’s been seen for years together human rights have been recklessly violated time and time again. More


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